Monday, 13 July 2009

The real world is boring, full of swine flu and makes you very sarcastic!

Results were finally published last week and I received my transcript for them on Saturday. I am to say I received a 2:1 which is very good I think considering I did party throughout my degree. However, sometimes you have to question how you are examined. Personally I think the drama department needs to start to communicate a lot more. It really comes down to the nitty gritties, some lecturers say you must do it this way others say that way and this becomes a bit of a pain. My biggest problem this year has been that most of the answers we as third years were given were 'we have sorted it out for the first year'. For example the acting part of Chekhov and Shakespearem I personally have never taken an acting module and to be honest from what I have heard the acting modules have not been great. How then is it possible for me to graded on something I have never done before? That is totally ridiculous. But of course the answer from my lecturer was 'the first years will have more training'.
Over the past two years I have learnt a lot, but this has mostly been from the 30 credit modules which offer a more intense structure to what you study. I can comptently put a lighting design together now as well as rig, focus and op it. And I now know I can write a 10,000 word essay and make it sound somewhat intelligent. I learnt that although you might put a lot of effort into something, the way you speak and hold yourself will mean that actually you do not do as well as you expected. And I learnt I can lead a half decent workshop with a class of primary school children.
The 15 credit modules for me were by and large rather pointless. Take The Musical for example, I went in hating musicals and being able to voice that opinion and back it up with relevant evidence, I left still hating musicals and still being able to voice an opinion about it cohesively. US Drama was a waste of my time, I learnt....what a regional theatre is....wait I knew that already. Shakespeare and Chekhov are two modules I learnt a lot in but of course received my two worst grades in.
In my first year I can confidently say I learnt absolutly nothing apart from that it is very easy to put together a 5 minute skit. I honestly want my £3000 back and I expect I would probably get it if I pushed harder enough.
And afterall that I have a degree and I can now go and spend the next 5 years still being skint working in a soul destroying call centre where swine flu has hit today so this maybe my last blog because if the papers are right I will probably be dead by next week!
I loved university but I don't think you could pay me to do it ever again!