Thursday, 9 October 2008

From lighting design to pyrotechnics

Last year I studied lighting design and stage management. This gave me many opportunities to work back stage on many of the performances on at uni. It also gave me the opportunity to work as a lighting designer for a play at the Battersea Arts Centre and I also worked as the pyrotechnician and as part of the production team for the community project last year. Helios a 3rd year drama in the community project gave me an incredible insight into the course. What was truly amazing about the project was how many people it encompassed and how much experience was gained by each member of the project. Although there were many people involved in the project and some might think this would cause arguments, the group came together as a real community and missed the project so much once it was finished.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Walworth Farce

A couple of weeks ago I went to the National Theatre to see Enda Walsh's new play The Walworth Farce'.

After leaving the glorious green pastures of Cork, a father and his two sons arrive in the grey paved roads of Elephant and Castle.  Where they spend many years in total solitude replaying the story of the moments before they left.  The play is shockingly similar to that of the Fritzl story from earlier in the year.  However, I felt pity for this man who made a massive mistake but is ultimately doing everything in his power to keep his family safe; whether  this is for the right reasons or not.  

By the end of the play, it was as if the audience had been hit by a truck.  I went from love to hate, from laugher to crying all in the space of two hours.  The play hit on themes of poverty in inner city London and the ignorance achieved when children are literally kept under lock and key.  Although, a huge mix of emotion; a ‘tour de force’ my Grandmother tells me, the actors achieved an engaged audience, who seemed to respond to Enda Walsh’s portrayal of a father’s warped way to keep his family safe.  

Drama in the Community 09

I am so excited about Drama in the Community! I would really love to work in a big group for the project. There are both pros and cons to working in a big group and I here are a few pros....

If someone doesn't turn up to a rehearsal or meeting then its not as big of a loss as working in a smaller group because there will always be people to pick up the slack,

you can bounce ideas off of people all the time

we will effectively be working as a 'professional' company so there will be more chances for sponsorship which means MONEY which means extra special things to do....for example pyrotechnics!

It also means we get to work on a much bigger scales so more people from the community can become involved.