Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Drama in the Community 09

I am so excited about Drama in the Community! I would really love to work in a big group for the project. There are both pros and cons to working in a big group and I here are a few pros....

If someone doesn't turn up to a rehearsal or meeting then its not as big of a loss as working in a smaller group because there will always be people to pick up the slack,

you can bounce ideas off of people all the time

we will effectively be working as a 'professional' company so there will be more chances for sponsorship which means MONEY which means extra special things to do....for example pyrotechnics!

It also means we get to work on a much bigger scales so more people from the community can become involved.


Mark Griffin said...

Well done for getting going Rosie.

I agree with all the above and the Helios project was really rewarding last year. I think working in the big group is an excellent preparation for finding work once you've completed your degree here because you have to communicate effectively and take responsibility for your actions. At this stage it's important that you choose a project that will stretch you and the big group certainly does that.