Friday, 19 December 2008

The BIG project

The first meeting we had yesterday for the big community project has made me very very excited!  Like Emma C. I am excited about being on the creative team, I am going to try and read lots of children's stories over the Christmas break.  

I created the DIC 2009 Facebook group this morning and have uploaded a few photos from last years Helios.  They are photos of the costumes mainly and the puppets that Tina's niece taught the group how to make.  We now have a board for the group and will hopefully get an office soon.  I think an office is really important  so we have a space in which we can log on to the computer, and have a phone where we can be contacted by schools.  It also means we have one place where all paperwork is, so that no one has to take the work off campus and make it more easier to lose!  I think having an office will make us work in a more professional way because we will be on a corridor with other lecturers and we will be expected to behave accordingly.  

I like the idea of working with 'disabled' children and 'mainstream' children.  I think we could create some really fantastic work by doing this but I think it will be a massive challenge.  But I don't think that is a bad thing whatsoever!

As I live very near Wimbledon I am going to go to the Polka Theatre over the break and go and play in their back garden!  And see a show or 2.