Sunday, 7 December 2008

Charlie and Lola

I first read the Charlie and Lola books a few years ago when I worked in small indpendent book shop on the lovely Wandsworth Common. The stories revolve around Charlie and his little sister Lola. The plot is always about everyday things that happen to small children, from their first day of school to not wanting to eat tomatoes. I think that the amazing thing about these stories, and the reason they have captured the hearts of children and parents everywhere is the fact that even thought the characters are illustrated they are very real. The stories do not patronise the children and often have subtle humour for the adults. I think all children should read the stories not just watch them on television!


Anonymous said...

i love charlie and lola too, original drawings and stories. also seen them on stage at the polka theatre (not on my own but with the two girls i look after) and it was brilliant. it worked for the adults and the children. definately agree in reading the books and not just the tele program.

Mark Griffin said...

I was sad this week to read about the death of Oliver Postgate. One of the great stroytellers for young children - he invented Ivor the Engine, The Clangers (youtube them if you haven't lived long enough to understand)and the wonderful Bagpuss. Oliver lived in the village next to my University campus in Canterbury.

On the day I graduated, Kent Uni also presented three honoury degrees. The first went to Roy Jenkins (the great reforming home secretary who, in the sixties, brought forward the reforms to leagalise homosexuality.) The second went to Unberto Eco (the genius, form breaking metaphysical author of The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendelum) and the third went to the saggy old, baggy old cloth cat.... Bagpuss!!! who yawned when the honour was conferred, an act which seemed to confuse Roy and Umberto no end!)