Monday, 12 January 2009

1st Meeting Today!

Today we met in the Dolche and had a chat about DIC 2009 and the role of the creative team within the project. We are going to visit Chiswick House tomorrow morning to have a look around the grounds which I am very excited about!
We are also going to walk around the town and grab a coffee to get a feel for the people and what they are like.
We decided we should get our own folder so we can file the minutes of each meeting and keep together all our work so that everyone can get to it.
We are going to book to see How to Catch a Star at the Polka (if anyone wants to come let me know and we can arrange a date everyone is available).
All in all I think the meeting was successful and it was nice to have a chat. We decided that we will meet at 11am every monday in the dolche so thats where we'll be if anyone needs us!


Mark Griffin said...

Well done team! I've had an initial list of schools through from Molly today - so things look as though they're moving quickly forward.