Saturday, 17 January 2009

To the North to see The Suggestibles

I arrived in Newcatsle yesterday with the news that I was off to see an improv comedy show. I was intrigued as I am not the biggest fan of improvisation, unless it is really very good. And this show was really exceptional!

From the beginning the audience were put at ease. They had a nice innocence about them, which is what I liked the most. They started off with a warm up game using storytelling and then played 'Freeze'. It was nice to see that these warm up games are not just used in class! Throughout the two hoiur show they played games and sang songs which were all improvised and all the themes given to them were suggested by the audience.

I was out with drama students from Northumbria University who had been having workshops with one of the players. They said he was really intertesting and they had liked the work they did with him. I'd love to get them down South and come to St Mary's!