Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Its off...

Last Friday I finally finished my PGCE application. I forgot what its like to apply to universities and wondering if you have made the right desicions and having your heart set on one path. I'm hoping whatever happens I'll be a student once again in September studying hard and training to become a drama teacher.

I'm hoping that through becoming a teacher I can make changes in the education system. Something has to change and it has to change soon. In the news this morning there was an article about a boy refusing to stand up when his Headmaster entered the room. I think good for you boy, standing up for your rights (well sitting actually) but at the end of the day your Headmaster is your elder and deserves respect. I have had a very Roman Catholic education and respect and serving others has always been predominant in what makes for a 'good' person. We were taught from the very first lesson in year 7 what 'SERVIAM' means; To serve others. We learnt about the history of the Ursuline and St Ursula and St Angela and I can reel this off for you like the back of my hand. We found it all very boring at the time but I think knowing the history of your school is an excellent way to understand how you should behave.
Of course children need to have fun and be able to play but respect for your teachers does not seem too much of an effort really. Afterall they are imparting their knowledge and offering you the chance to learn in a safe environment. My mum always says 'children today have too many rights' and I think she is right. Parents all to often stick up for their children rather than backing the teacher. Punishment doesn't seem to be punishment anymore and children are getting away with murder!

However, on the other side of this I think drama seriously needs to have some more important in the National Curriculum. I honestly belive if you introduced drama into the National Curriculum then we would have a lot less problems. Its in drama that you learn to argue without offending, hear as well as listen and also its where you learn how to critique others work in a constructive way.