Friday, 23 October 2009

Love the World

I've just been scrolling through Facebook about an hour after we all got to see Nick Griffin splattered over our televisions. Honestly, I knew his appearance on QT would be a really climactic event but I didn't realise just how many people would be watching. Pretty much all facebook statuses are pronouncing him as an absolute div' and this is coming from all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds. I think the public reaction tomorrow will be very interesting. We have to remember it was a London audience tonight and Londoners are probably the most multi-cultural community in Britain and we have no tolerance for racial discrimination or homophobia. I hope this is mirrored throughout the country and I'm sure it will be.

Jack Straw is just as much of an dick as Nick! I mean would you like to dodge the question anymore Jack? Immigration policies should be about our resources and capability to cope with migration. Isn't it that simple? For once I agree with the Tories. A cap should be placed annually which allows for a healthy environment for all. That doesn't mean literally turning people away but I think it comes down do we have enough jobs available? But a woman in the Question Time audience did have a great point to make. A lot of 'British' people won't do the jobs that are deemed working class. But qualified doctors coming here will clean houses etc proudly. Being on of the many who has recently been forced to sign on it suprised me that I was only asked to apply for three jobs a week. I think it is essential that the public understand the importance of a good education and the importance of earning your own money. I find it appauling that I am going to be given money for doing absolutly nothing. Though I am hoping I will get a job before money is handed over to me on a silver platter.

Moving on, why are we still talking about Enoch Powell? His famous speech was before I was born. It hardly seems to be relevant anymore and has no reflection on politics today? Similarly, why are we talking about our forefathers. They did a great job but can we please focus on today and the future. Its all very well talking about previous mistakes and political catastrophes but we can't change that so why have such an emphasis on the past?

Bonnie Greer said it most fantastically, the British people have common sense. Can this now please be reflected in the government? At the moment I could careless who was in power (well obviously the BNP should be no where near Parliament). Massive change needs to take place and we need to get the oldies out and bring some new fresh faces in. I am so bored of looking at Gordon, Jack, David, Boris. They are old fogies who look as if death is just around the corner. How will they ever follow through with any of their policies?