Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day out on the South Bank

A cold, windy day out on the South Bank with my best friend.  We were very cultural and went to the National Theatre to see 'The Half' exhibition.  We both really liked the photos, which were taken over the years in the half before a performance goes up.  There was a real nostalgia to the exhibition and the actors were incredibly well captured.  

Then it was off to the Tate Modern.  I must admit I am not the most knowledgeable person about art but I do appreciate it I think.  But some of the things in the Tate Modern I did not understand.  Not even when I read the bios.  I felt so ignorant wandering around without clue.  

All in all it was nice to have a wander down The Thames and take nice photos.  We found a great little place where you can get lunch and have coffee and take great pictures!


Mark Griffin said...

Weren't those photos great! Have you discovered The Photographers gallery- in Great Newport Street - off Leicester Square. It's a freebie joy!!!

Oh yeah and Come to class!