Monday, 17 November 2008

The Surreal Line

This is an exhibition on at The Oval House Theatre at the moment and it is brilliant!  Some of the images were funny, others disturbing and some I didn't understand at all.  If I could afford the £250 that some of these photos are selling for I would definitely buy one, but I am a poor, struggling student so I guess I will have to wait until I'm rich.  But it was given me a bit of inspiration to go on the London Underground with my own camera and see what I can capture!

The above photo 'Room for more?' was my favourite!

The Surreal Line


The Surreal Line is a series of images taken from an ongoing project, documenting moments of chance on the London Underground where static billboards and posters coalesce with the world around them. 

I'm interested in how these advertisements, specifically designed for delivering one message, can have that story completely hijacked - often by the mere framing of a window - creating an entirely new context. Commuters, who are somewhat static, withdrawn, and locked in their own private routines, are oblivious to these momentary collisions. I'm fascinated by these chance encounters, and needless to say I gave up reading on the tube after my first trip on the surreal line.

Yusuf Ozkizil


Yusuf said...

Glad you liked the show! It's now on at the Sun & Doves in Camberwell. Whilst it was on at the Oval House, I left some promotional postcards of some of the photographs there, one of which was this one. Drop me a line and I'll send you one if you like (