Monday, 17 November 2008

Yard Gal

I operated the lights for Yard Gal on Saturday.  I saw the play at St Mary's in February and am so happy its been taken to The Oval House Theatre.  If you didn't see it you missed out!  Stef O'Driscoll is a inspiration to all us undergraduates, as well as Monsey Whitney and Stefanie Di Rubbo.  Its so nice to see that St Mary's students are capable of such amazing theatre.  The play is a hard hitting story about two girls caught up in the life style of drugs, gangs and violence.  The beginning is funny and you aren't quite sure what you have got yourself into.  By the end you have laughed, cried and can really understand Boo and Marie's friendship.  Stef and Monsey really pull of the friendship needed on stage.  There is a real chemistry there and I think O'Driscoll made a really important decision when she focused on their friendship more than the violence.  Hopefully, the play will retuning to our theatres soon for some more great acting and directing!


Mark Griffin said...

I completly agree Rosie. I hadn't spotted Stef's emphasis on the friendship - but now you've mentionned it it was hugely an important facet to the production and our understanding of it. It would have been an easy cliche to fall into to highlight the violence in the play, but this version of Yard Gal went well beyond the sensational.