Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The End of the Beginning

So I'm approching the last week of my degree and it is very scary! I had my last ever lecture yesterday and as yet it hasn't hit me that actually I will be leaving St Mary's very soon. Though I am very excited about starting a career and working with professionals. Each week my life plan changes. First of all I wanted to go travelling as soon as I could afford it and then it changed to moving to York in September then I decided to wait until 2010 to move to York and work until then. But I think I am back at the beginning again, travelling was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I think I need to do it again before I settle down for good. My play at the moment is to graudate (hopefully) and then get a lovely job in a call centre, bore myself to near death and then jump on a plane to Bangkok. However, I do want to carry on with drama until then so working and doing drama at the same time has also been on my mind. I think at the moment all I can do is play it by year and see what happens. Although I think travelling is a definate for me. When I was in Thailand and Malaysia I met so many wonderful people from so many different backgrounds and I would love to do this again for longer.