Monday, 11 May 2009

A very hectic life!

Clearly I have been a very busy bee and it is for this reason that I have neglected my blog. However! rehearsals are going well and although we changed the story on Saturday we are on schedule and will hopefully have a great show. I have learnt a lot from this project and although mistakes have been made we have learnt from them and very much got on with the job!

Build day is always a great day. It is a break from rehearsals and allows everyone to bond. Saturday was a nice sunny day and although we were working inside for most of it and were in two seperate space I do believe we needed that time to refresh ourselves. It worked. Yesterday we rehearsed 10-6 and acheived a hell of a lot.

Other than rehearsals all of us have been writing essays, dissertations, portfolios and rehearsing for other practical assessments. I have only one major problem at the moment and that is the library which seems to have a problem with opening times. During the Easter holidays it was closed on a couple of weekends and had shorter opening hours. On what planet are these people on? On the planet I'm on third years across the country are reading and writing a ridiculous amount and as a result need a space to work. Our library is not a place you can do this. All of the time there are complaints that people are always talking and playing music loudly, the other day I had to ask a group of 2nd years to keep the noise down. My point is the library needs to act more like a place of learning rather than an SU.