Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Shrinking Land of Kalku

Our community project has finally, after months of hard work, ended. The show was fantastic and the children loved it although the same can't be said for come of the teachers. The tech week ran pretty smoothly with a few hiccups and some changes to the script. There was a lot of waiting around, which can only be expected on a show like Kalku, but everyone was very good about it and enjoyed the time to grab a rest, some food and even some sun which we were very lucky with.

I think everyone involved ejoyed themselves and it was brilliant to have members from all the different pathways and years. The show has very much bonded us as a group and with the champagne flowing, the get out went very well. As a technician myself I find it hard sometimes to realise that some people are not used to fit up's and get outs because they have not had that type of responisbility before. But generally everyone mucked in and we were out of the park within an hour and 30 minutes of the show ending!

Skye the stage manager on the show has done a brilliant job alongside the other technicians. When it was needed she told you to step up and she was a huge support through rehearsals when it felt we were in a complete rut. I have to say that out of all the stage managers I have worked with Skye has definently been one of the best, I think Al has another Emily Thorpe on his hands!