Saturday, 13 June 2009

Definently not going to be the next Speilborg (is that even how you spell his name?)

I am sitting in house I have been in for less than 24 hours listening to some REM and having a bit of a facebook stalk....this is the life of a production assistant on a low budget film in a beautiful house in Kew. I am being paid and I have learnt all about fake blood but this is definently not the industry for me. Film just does not not compare to theatre. None of the actors (there is one at the moment) have rehearsed and it takes literally an hour to film one shot. It all seems a bit silly to me! Where is the audience??? Who is actually going to see this film? Is it going into affect any change. I MISS KALKU!

We were here until 4am last night and it looks the same tonight. The cast and crew are filming on location at the moment and I have been put in charge of looking after the house. I do enjoy the responisbility of this job but it comes with a lot of sittig around and not really being able to see much of the filming. But I have made some good contacts and will be working with Ray ....... he was in Harry Potter next weekend. And I also sat next to Jonny Wilkinson yesterday having a coffee, he is even more good looking in real life!