Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Finding a job

When your not really sure what you want to do but definently need money there is a huge difficulty in finding a job particularly when there is credit crunch happening. I am officially a graduand, a term I only found out last week, it means I have finished my degree and am awaiting my results. So now I am in limbo. No job, No money, No life! I am applying for jobs everyday, trying to stay away from retail, bar work and office jobs but this is very hard. All the jobs I have applied for so far I seem to be totally underqualified for. The problem I'm finding is you need more than six months experience which is how long I was working on Kalku for. There is only so much experience you can blag. I have found a job for the next two weekends as a production assistant on a low budget film which although is not very good money it is good for my CV. At this moment in time I am thinking of dipping into my savings so I can do the TEFL course which costs far too much money than I care to think about and then hopping on a plane to teach in Cambodia. But with the costs of the course, flights and visas I am not too sure I can afford it and I also have to pay off the horrible overdraft I stupidly decided to take out in my second year. But it seems to me I can gain very good experience doing this and will benefit me in the long run. Day time television is becoming very boring, I can't even afford to buy the next book I want to read in the Twilight series (very good if you like a tacky story about vampires and young love).

All in all I think we have realised the credit crunch is CRAP and the only way to escape it is to crawl into a cave and grow your own food and become totally self sufficient, have no friends and be a complete SNORE!


Mark Griffin said...


Your plans seem fantastic and everything will work out. Now is the time to volunteer for everything and anything, meet people chat them up, ask them to think about you if something else comes up... don't worry to much about money - you'll be amazed how cheaply you can live and in the meantime get contact out of the library and write enthusiastic letters to everybody. Work will come!... P.S: Happy Birthday!