Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A very cultural 21st Birthday!

Last Wednesday I finally turned 21...time for the botox now! I saw that the Tate Modern had an exhibition on of an adult advnture playground. Sounded exceptionally fun so I decided thats what I wanted to do for my birthday, boy was I wrong! It was a tad boring and had no colour and I thought it was about escaping the real world and going a little crazy. Thats not what happened to me. I entered and was told to keep the noise down! I know I'm loud but if your going to house a huge playground what do you expect? Why in this modern 21st century world is noise so forbidden. Why are we constantly told to be quiet on trains, buses, even playgrounds. Is noise pollution really pollution? Forget it if I want to make a bit of noise I will! The one thing I will say for the Tate is that its free and that does make me happy, because it means everyone can go and have some fun and take a look around the gallery which although boring in my opinion does allow you to have your own opinion.